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ZEE TVs feature

Roots and Changes exhibition launch featured on Zee TV's flagship programme 'Out and About'



With Special guests Joanne Mcaleer (NHLF), Sushma Jansari (British Museum), Mohammed Keshavjee (International lawyer), Mohammed Butt (Leader of Brent Council) and many more... 

Oral History feature

Roots and Changes exhibition featured on The Journal of the Oral History Society 



Our exhibition got reviewed in The Journal of the Oral History Society Vol 49 No. 236


iGlobal feature

Roots and Changes cross-cultural events at British Museum featured on iGlobal culture section


Our exhibition got reviewed in iGlobal 

"Cross-cultural festive vibes at British Museum’s month-long Diwali..."

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Oral History2021 Vol49 No236.jpg

Opinion Magazine

Roots and Changes exhibition featured on Opinion magazine



Our exhibition got reviewed in Opinion 

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EasternEye feature

Roots and Changes cross-cultural events at British Museum featured on EasternEye culture section


Our exhibition got reviewed in EasternEye

"Subrang Arts helps Gujaratis in UK stay rooted to their culture..."


Mohamed Keshavjee

Internation Lawyer and Writer


The afternoon was very beautifully organised and the sentiments expressed had a very human touch to them.


Both curators embody a very earthy spirit and this came through succinctly today.

I enjoyed the day very much and indeed learned so much.


My support continues to remain with your new  endeavour.  With all good wishes for the future.

Rena Amin 

Outreach and Community Relations, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Both curators have worked very hard and gone beyond our expectations. Camilla and the museum team have been brilliant too as have all the other influencers, contributors and back-office teams.


I would concur that our ethos and principles are very much aligned and perhaps that has made this partnership so very worthwhile.


The Board of Trustees also requested me to pass their congratulations and well wishes to all team members.


Once again well done and let's remain in touch!

Larry Morjaria



Just a beautiful setting at the Sanatan mandir with the amazingly talented musicians beginning with Saraswati stuti with the mesmerising voice of Bhavikji and just awesome bhajans. Thank you Subrang Arts for hosting and bringing such musical talent of this beautiful art to a greater diaspora. Listening to the music in a beautiful temple puts one in such harmony with all the deities in the temple.

Blessings to all for giving a wonderful experience and sending once heart nearer toward the almighty in these very sad times.

Wallee Mc Donnell

Director,  Celebrate Life


The Gujarati themed exhibition Roots and Changes was enjoyable and importantly, educational for me to attend and see the approach Lata Desai and Rolf Killius took with the exhibits, films and embroidery pieces on display.  The successful story of migration of Gujarati peoples from Uganda and India is one I don't know much detail about and how much they have contributed to the UK.

It was also interesting to learn how members of the Gujarati community have become leaders in different areas of society enriching London with their skills and talents. I'll have to go back, for a second visit and watch the film I didn't see on Sat visit.




Am truly blessed with spiritual awareness, inner peace and bliss from the radiant outpouring of beautiful bhajans rendered by an integrated team of brilliant musicians and heartfelt singer.

Member, Malayalee Association of the UK (MAUK)



Pravin, Sreejith and I checked out the exhibition yesterday and found it so inspiring! It was informative, visually stimulating and current. Best of all, it was executed so beautifully with the clever use of digital technology. It’s defo worth paying a visit! We came back buzzing with ideas!


Huge shout out to Rolf for being an epic host. Your passion and enthusiasm were contagious! Well done for putting it all together!



What a wonderful initiative... well done Subrang Arts. A collective effort by Subrang, talented musicians, videographer, sound engineer, translator... well done!

English translation is icing on cake... so useful for the next generation.

Promoter of Gujarati Literary Academy (GLA)


Great job! It was an enjoyable event. Very well organised.


Congratulations to the organisers and Brent Museum and Council staffs + Lottery Heritage Fund.

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